The Stargate is a Hermetic tool of transference.  You can transmit the blessing of the Alchymeic energies to someone, some place, or a situation through the Stargate.  It has two individual energetic components – ‘I’m Here’ and ‘’I’m There’.

The Stargate is used by selecting vials or wands and placing them on the “I’m Here” side.  On the “I’m There” side is where we place a prayer/written intention, an object or a photograph of a person or place we wish to send the Energies to.  To assist in receiving the energies yourself, you may place your hand directly on the Stargate Box or a glass of water and drink this empowered water.


Examples of items and intentions/prayers you can put on the Stargate to receive blessings are

  • yourself
  • Clearing for your homeyour work place
  • plants and animals
  • bills and mail
  • wallet and handbag
  • books, magazines and important documents
  • business cards
  • Photographs
  • Meetings and appointments
  • when you exercise (gym, yoga, tai chi, swimming)
  • places that you are going to (restaurant, cinema, doctor)
  • blessing for family and friends
  • clearing for your travel (bus, train, airport)
  • Bathwater
  • School/learning
  • prayers on issues around money and abundance
  • prayers on issues around relationships
  • when you give sessions to someone or when you run a workshop
  • a prayer to find lost items
  • a prayer to enhance your psychic and feeling capacity

Stargate – Large

Stargate – Small