The Alchymeic sprays are ideal for purifying your environment or auric field.  The spray bottles can be refilled with water.  You may spray them on your body, around your auric field, or around the room.

Spray-Arranging 7

This Alchymeic energy Divine Star is from the unmodified God Light beyond the ‘cosmic display’. This Energy helps us to restore our connection to Divine realm.

Spray-Arranging 185

There is no doubt that over the last few thousand years the continued investment in being less than Love has degraded this ‘place’ to what we find today. Beyond what can be seen in the ordinary sense, when the Vision of God is not present, psychically this ‘place’ appears as a vast and poisonous spider web. This energy moves to penetrate and dissolve the many forms of negative communication, providing auric-field protection, restoring us to the ‘bigger vision’

Spray-Arranging 186

The human race suffers from an extreme over-intrusiveness by presences that have commonly and fashionably come to be known as ‘alien’. The common forms of manipulation things like ‘implants’, genetic alterations and many forms of programming in a myriad aspects of daily environmental interactions, such as T.V., films, billboards, food, etc. Lifestream Energy addresses this level of intrusion.

Spray-Arranging 188

To restore balance and harmony through the form. It is useful after being near any chaos forming influences like radiation exposure with computers, phones, and being on planes in confined spaces with lots of people.

Spray-Arranging 222

The fifth element is Love and the current of this is felt to explode at the heart centre. The Fiery Black Asteroid of Death is Overwhelmed by Love. The fiery black asteroid takes nothing into account, dedicated to death, like the Hermes prophecy.

Spray-Arranging 242

It’s possible through casual interaction to receive a ‘bolt’ of negative influence resulting from the anger from some person or persons, rendering us feeling quite ill or sending us into a coughing fit. This Energy is referring to Black Magic both Formal and Informal. People’s moods are the Informal, and we have to wade our way through them everyday, sometimes this can be quite crippling. The Formal are these people who resort to structured curses driven by their anger. Both are damaging to our psychic emotional structure. With this Energy we are inviting a purification of negative influences, negative attention and projected thought forms from others.

Spray-Arranging 256

‘The Breath of Life’

Spray-Arranging 260

The removal of possessing spirits, could perhaps be called Exorcism. There are many unwanted intrusions into the integrity of the ‘self’ as described by causal, subtle and gross structures that are not always invading spirits, but are all manner of lower astral intrusions, including concepts, extraneous energies left behind in environments, programming from all manner of media, such as; books, films, television and so on and also the ‘evil eye’ of the conventional individual who ‘Medusas’ us to death with the ‘stony gaze’. The Invasion Wizard moves to assist with all of these levels of possession and more and with the entire traditional history of Exorcism of all cultures.

Spray-Auric Wonder x 10

The transformative help of the ‘Gold Vibration’, which is about assimilation, vitality and building strength. Auric Wonder is a rejuvenating Energy. This wonderful Energy has now been intensified to specifically act to deeply restore our 10 Auric Layers and beyond – helping hold our radiant, psychic space amongst the ‘meteorite storm’ of chaotic communication and psychic debris abound in the world at this time.

Spray-Concoction 14

Clearing thought form attack - airborne negativity
The current held within this Concoction of Arranging Energies is specifically to purify the intensification of ‘floating thought form’, ‘airborne negativity’ and ‘alien projections’ that are emanating at a global level. These are seen in the witness as floating through the air creating disturbances to the equanimity and the integrity of the vital structure.

Gargoyle – The Lunch Fights back

We are constantly affected by negative energies around us. This spray helps us not to be passively ‘eaten up’ by the ‘evil’ and negativities around us, and helps us to ‘fight back’ and create conscious space and clarity.


All of our dwellings are haunted by self and other refuse; some of the signs of this are the presence of insects and spiders and other unwanted guests, such as mould, uneasy feelings and general disorder. These aspects are present in the psychic form even in the cold climates where there are fewer invasive forms of wild life. There are many areas of possible neglect, such as behind the fridge, the stove, much of the furniture and dark corners in general. These areas invite the subtle concomitants from the shadow world. Pristine spray brings freshness to our environment.

Up Up and Away

Is this a spray for flights of fancy? Or for airline tickets to romantic places? If you are not to be swamped in a sea of faces as over this earth you wander around abscond with this spray Up Up And Away to where the dark spaces can scarcely be found by planting your feet firmly on the ground. If you find your feet planted on the ceiling or standing where you should be kneeling, reach quickly for the spray Up Up And Away and place your feet where they are sure to stay.