Unknown Angels


According to Anthony*… this is a literal category of Angels that don’t have names. There is a specific number, which happens to be 144,000 – (1441 – extraordinary). Anthony’s* comment is that, this number is a ‘revered’ number by God. He insists that these are the most powerful of the Angels, as they have no ego or notoriety – they are simply waiting to be called, and thus it appears in the Alchymie that they are a powerful source.
In the Vision: It felt as though one was entering an innocence, a silent whisper of the Divine pulse. A very dissolving space to merge with. What occurred in this dissolution was a felt smile in every cell, a current of Bliss, a joy of being – an open secret that could be whispered and felt – an ancient space, and yet eternally present. Bless each one who is gifted with such a Divine blessing current.


*William, A., (2015) Medical Medium, Carlsbad, California, Hay House USA



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