All of our dwellings are haunted by self and other refuse; some of the signs of this are the presence of insects and spiders and other unwanted guests, such as mold, uneasy feelings and general disorder. These aspects are present in the psychic form even in the cold climates where there are fewer invasive forms of wild life. There are many areas of possible neglect, such as behind the fridge, the stove, much of the furniture and dark corners in general. These areas invite the subtle concomitants from the shadow world.

Pristine, Pristine the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen,

where for miles around its pure delight,

where all the dark is recovered in light.

Wipe it, swipe it, be sure to delight it.

Brush it, rush it, leave not a place untouched

or the closet monster will come out and grab you

or something else will be sure to nab you.

To consciously clean, leave nothing obscene.

Usage: fill with water and spray




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