Drowning in the ‘Asian dilemma’ has different aspects to it compared to the ‘Western dilemma’.  The ‘Asian darkness’ stems from an introverted condition.  Whereas the ‘Western dilemma’ is essentially extroverted.  This introversion gives rise to an intense involvement with ritual that ignores the true condition of any moment.  This energy is a response to this pain of intense ritual communication at once shielding us from the shrill and clearing the environment of many thousands of years of this ‘Eastern dilemma’.   This energy demands a ‘nuclear’ intensity since ‘nuclear’ is the sign of intense involvement in the doubt of love.  This same ritual involvement is present to some degree in all cultures.   Further the East and West are constantly in various levels of confrontation and so all beings can benefit from clearing themselves of this form of intense doubt of love.  The Western doubt of love constructed the nuclear blast that was used to dispose of the Eastern doubt of love.  We are inexorably entwined in each other as the right and left sides of the body reveal to us.  The right side reflecting the Western disposition and the left side reflecting the Eastern disposition.



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