Archangel Zaphkiel


Archangel Zaphkiel has healing abilities. She teaches about unconditional Love and Surrender. She is the Alchemist of Life. She is the Love and Beauty of the Divine. She shows all around how to be graceful, passionate and nurturing. Bringing one to Sacred Love, shining light into shadows of self.

In the Hermetic birthing, the vision that was given was of a huge archangel walking forward, holding a black, lifeless body in her arms, arms of Compassion. All of a sudden she begins a process of alchemzing that one, spinning, twisting in double helixes, rotating as though melding and moulding and re-energizing, transforming the whole body through a process of realignment to the Divine Current. Literally transmuting the death held with the form and aligning it to the Light. Dark to Light. Transforming the mortal identification to Divine Realization, bodily. The transmuting process appears like a washing machine turbulator, only she uses her hands to ignite the circuitry as though manually, at the speed of Light, turning on switches or nadis within the bodily form. The being is being transfigured to the God Light. Transmuted circuitry allows the dissolution of identification with mortal form and awakens the soul to the Enlightened Current whole bodily, synchronistically.


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