Archangel Uriel


Dissolution of karma/life lessons

In the vision a totem energy is revealed, the Totemic Coat of Arms. There is a current about this Energy that is revealing – lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime – that there is a point to it all. There is a lineage, or coat of arms within each being, within each soul, held within the DNA which puts you on a passage where you are given to walk the lessons of that particular destiny.

The only liberation is submission to the process of dissolving your karmic bondage, which has been the cause of lifetimes of suffering. The intervention of the Divine Alchymie, is to bring the dissolution of this lineage, or this coat of arms that has been held within the patterning, or the particular lessons required. Until you get the lesson, until you allow the undoing through submission, you are not going to know perfect freedom. Because it is actually inherent within this energy, the only way through the dissolution of all of that destiny and karma held within the DNA, is to go through the process until you learn the lesson of life. Literally working on, dissolving and ultimately outshining the karmic destiny – this particular energy is going to hold you to it.

It is an uncompromising Energy. The lesson of life is that there is no way through except to have it be done, through the fire; the heat of transformation. It is about transmuting, transforming and alchymising. It will be done on Earth and you will get through to the ‘As Above So Below’ through the Fire of Transformation.


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