Archangel Selaphiel


This Archangel holds all in a one-pointed commitment to the Infinite purpose and regard for prayerful remembrance, both in orthodox religions and in our esoteric world.

When this current was first seen in the vision, so much projection from all of the ages held this Archangel embedded in fearful God prayer. In our invitation, doors opened to the celestial heavens and the Infinite breath of the Divine. Selaphiel’s only purpose is to hold all beings, no matter at what level of prayer, to be pressed to God through attention – therefore all are served as all this theatre is the Awakening to Only God.

For our Hermetic Work as an esoteric current, Selaphiel opens all doors to allow this passage to the God Light. He rejoices at our Hermetic request – liberated from the usual weight of common prayer which is based on archeological sites of ‘prayer in forgetting’. Choirs of Angels rejoice as we abound forward and upward in open faced, open hearted reception of their help. God Is Gracious.


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