Archangel Sandalphon


Atunement/ Surrender

In the vision, the human form is being worked on, in an almost upright, but slightly backwards position, with the hands held in front, in prayer position over the heart. The brain is being given a current like sound waves. As it is waving its way through the brain and the higher mind, the submission into this exalted position allows for a deep healing, which attunes the form to the Infinite Current; the Spire of Sound and Light.

This process attunes the body to a bigger vibrational current and wave motion that is heavenly. ‘As Above, So Below’ is made manifest through this wave motion of current. The waves are restoring this oneness of current that is circular, infinite, heavenly, but almost worldly. It is spinning the current of the world at the same time.  The whole earth plane is being attuned to this vibration of movement and waves enfolding over the whole of the Earth. Holding the body and the whole Earth, is a sound that is so Infinite and so exquisite that the ordinary brain-mind isn’t attuned to receive it. As it begins to immerse, the Earth is being Blessed in this Current, in its rotation and its movement. There is a washing of frequency, of this fission of energy – a splitting of the molecules and atoms of solidity into Divine Light. As the whole body is immersed in this movement and current, the sound is extraordinary – these exquisite shapes and geometries are the very fabric of what is holding the earth plane together. Out of this comes the manifestation, comes the Current of actualisation- the very fabric, the sound of Light. Its intricacies, its geometries, is exquisite form, is way, way, way beyond the dross of ordinary existence.

This blessing is the Divine Gift, held within the very structure of this Earth plane now – everything on it, every being, thing, mineral. In our submission, one is brought to surrender and allowed exquisite form. The exquisite sound can be heard and understood and immersed in now. May It Be So.


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