Archangel Michael


Strength / Faith

In the vision Michael appeared as an actualised form that can be felt as a huge entity. This energy has depth, height and ‘volume’ which is felt as a pure white Light – as a Bliss Current. Archangel Michael is known as an overwhelming force that gives strength, absolute one pointedness, courage and Divine gnosis. This energy also provides protection – the uncompromising force of the Divine. Michael is not to be messed with in an ordinary sense, as there is no compromise. Its ‘volume’ is Infinite, and yet it has a centering. The heart is felt as perfect submission, perfect alignment, perfect intuitive gnosis, perfect Love. Michael holds the strength of the sword and the force of a million horses riding forward.  But it also has no forward or backward, it is just already Infinite in its play. It doesn’t appear to be feminine or masculine; it doesn’t feel androgynous, this presence feels like ‘Only God’. There is also a real feeling of direction and command given, which implies “it will be dealt with” – there is no doubt. Doubt dissolves – form dissolves. Perfect submission allows the incarnating force to overwhelm the body- mind.

This Energy appears to command the entire Angelic realm. If Michael wasn’t interested, no other angels would be interested. Its almost as if he’s the contact to the entire Angelic realm. If his presence is available and his willingness is available, then he allows that doorway of other possibility.

But all of it brings us to the dissolution of Cosmic Nature altogether. So really, it brings you into Eternal life, but with a force that allows you to be presently alive. The invocation is allowing one to pass through the death of separative self into the submission of Only God.


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