Archangel Metatron



In the vision, a force of current appears, standing above and beyond the mind as an angelic shape, with the circle around the head and the extended wings. This angelic form appears as a doorway, allowing a direct line of Radiance to come forth as a literal passage. This passage is the path of enlightenment, or Infinite return, and with it comes a very strong sense of purpose, intention and uncompromising force, moving forwards and upwards to the Radiance of the Divine Star. Around the Divine Star appear circles in the shape of a heart that could be likened to the shape of wings, radiating out into the shape of the angelic form. Again it is beckoning the doorway, beckoning the direction, it is clarifying the bright of Conscious mind.

Where the light is all pervading, it is literally interactive with the higher mind, which is beyond the brain. This profusion, this entry of Radiance, is feeling as though the brain mind itself is being enlightened, healed deeply with a current that is sustaining and nourishing. It is a deep force of penetration at the same time, working to allow the upper conscious form of the brain-mind to exist. The higher mind, that bigger shape of the brain is obvious through this current, and in that immersion, all of the intelligence of the enlightened wisdom and the gnosis of Divine Understanding becomes part of what and who you are as you are combined with this current. The wisdom, understanding and knowledge becomes your own integrated space.

As one surrenders to allow this immersion, that intelligence or Divine Understanding, is simply provided. There is nothing you have to do, there is nothing you can do. It is simply a combining with, or an immersion in, and the work is already done. The Alchymie of this transformation is definitely the Alchymie of the Awakened state. One’s life and one’s choices are given real inspection. Your choices can lead you into a karmic matter, or your choices can lead you into a purification of karmic desiring. The road map of your choices are going to be revealed to you, and of course, the consequences. So a choice made in mere desiring will have consequences – these road maps are finding our way through the journey of the school of learning, which is the born condition. This energy will be significant in helping people make real choices, and understanding that in making real choices one is walking out of karmic existence and awakening beyond the destiny of mortal form.


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