Archangel Jeremiel



In the vision, the Holy Spirit entered on the right side of the heart chakra and then the Pharaonic cross appeared – the symbolism of awakening to suffer the cross of one’s existence. This energy is revealing that there is no way through the process of existence without learning to submit to the cross of one’s yielding, and with the recognition of the ordeal of what must be submitted. The Infinite Current of Light is behind the doorway, shown on the right side of the heart, but in order to pass through the doorway, the cross must be allowed. So the cross of one’s existence, is really, submitting to the process that this is a ‘school of learning’. There are lessons, there are choices. You can go on and on and on, but until you get this, until you get the lesson of life, you are not going to pass through the doorway. This energy is about helping, or instructing, the process of learning the lesson of life. Everything about it will be bringing you to the alignment of that walk. Bringing everything into the appropriate use of existence whilst in it, that you may be aligned to the walk of true submission and allow the passage then into Eternal Life. But until such time, until the death of ‘separative self’ is allowed, until you are forced into submission, that awakened state will not occur.

Jeremiel is a fairly uncompromising force, but at the same time, a force that is actually assisting, or helping us understand the process of living. When you are brought into alignment – there is an understanding that the lessons you are given, are for your own growth and understanding, and awakening – and that truly, the hard school is what it is all about. Until we come to that recognition, until we understand those lessons and stop blaming anyone or anything outside the self, and submit to a process of true learning and inspection, understanding and awakening, then that awakened state will not occur. Holding this energy will give you the capacity to see that there is a way through, it will help you to align to the process and realise that submission is your first form of Grace.

It assists the process, so it’s not like you are going to be forced, without help – this is actually the tool that is helping you through the process of learning submission, and that Grace is operative, and that this is your tool to assist you in the walk. So Be It.


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