Archangel Haniel


Love-Bliss / Grace

In the vision two pyramids or fractalisers appeared. The top pyramid (fractaliser) was inverted and resting its point on the top of the lower pyramid (fractaliser). Droplets like rain fell from the upper pyramid (fractaliser), to the lower pyramid (fractaliser) which represents the raining current of Divine Grace.

The heart appeared in the upper Fractaliser (pyramid or mind), resting on the capstone, penetrating the lower Fractaliser (pyramid or body). Where these two points meet, the points of ‘As Above, So Below’, ‘as in heaven so on earth’, at that point, this current is being opened in the shape of a heart allowing the current of Love- Bliss to pour through. As this current intensifies and is witnessed, this filling of the lower pyramid or fractaliser, (which of course is the earth plane or the body), is being filled with this deliciousness of Radiant current that is Love – Love-Bliss. In the filling of the vehicle, in the filling of the earth plane, the gnosis and remembrance and nourishment and embrace of Love is obvious. This enfolding, this nourishment dissolves all forgetting, dissolves all attachment to anything less. Haniel reminds us of the wonder and bliss, and eternal gnosis of this held embrace. To be surrounded, to be embraced, to be acknowledged in the dissolution of Love, everything eternal is remembered.

Everything less than that is dissolved. It is an incredible feeling of stillness, of already being sustained. No seeking in the heart, no dilemma in the mind, everything brought to peace. No needing to move up, down, out – simply being. No need to seek eternal wisdom, no need to seek earthly fulfilment. This perfect presence, this perfect embrace is the freedom of Love and the capacity to be Love. There’s a definite sense of being whole bodily present as Love, being present to the world as Love, being the conduit, being an agency of Love. Not needing to add or subtract, not needing to go anywhere. No seeking eternal life, no movement high or low. There is a softness that also brings a forward movement, so the guidance of this current appears that we are to do a thing for man, and that is, to walk forward on the earth plane as the current of Love itself. May It Be So.


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