Archangel Gabriel



In the vision there is a temple doorway appearing in the right ear, the ear becomes a passage, a volumetric depth that opens forward and upward, to the right. In that atunement, the vibratory sound appears. It is opening the hearing – clairaudience. Opening this doorway to the Angelic Realm allows us to hear the sound of Angels; choirs of current – cacophony of volumetric sound and vibratory current, that is the Other World.

Invoking Archangel Gabriel allows the immersion into the vibratory current of Divine Sound. In the sound, there is a hearing, and there is an awakening to the structure of the body-mind and its old circuitry. The structure of the body mind is being reopened to allow that inherent dispositon of what every human soul has the capacity for, but has not been realised en-masse on this earth plane. So this cacophony of sound, of volumetric sound, is really an opening of the brain-mind to allow its circuitry to be that much more enlivened in the enlightened current, above the head.

With the invocation of this current of energy, feeling the volume of that, an Invisible Pyramid appears. Within this pyramid, this temple, true wisdom and understanding is instructed, and this instruction is the Higher School of Learning. It has the feeling of the Temple of the Akashic Records. So we have this instruction, which is silent, but so much is spoken. It is an infinite language of Real Awakening and Real Understanding, but without the gnosis of the lower vibratory speech. The knowing is being reawakened. As the emergence continues, the capacity to speak the truth would be synchronistic with this immersion. What is able to be intuited is the right words, the right communication, the right disposition in which to instruct, heal, discuss. One is lifted beyond the garble and dross of ordinary life and lifted into the exquisite communion and exquisite communication of Only God. May It Be So.


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