Archangel Azrael



In the vision there appears to be a cosmic flower above the head that reveals itself actually to be a door, that as one ascends, opens and spreads out. A flower that blooms as the ascension process begins. The one who is ascending has gone into the black; lifeless, without light, so the form itself has become void of life. The form has already died, and as this ascension begins, its journey and the flower, which is above the head, begins to Awaken. The body itself begins this ascending process through the flower. The flower is intrinsic as a current of Radiance, that literally incinerates, and strips mortal identification at such a force, that the ascension process appears as though the body is being moved through a laser machine of current.

As the ascension continues, the body comes through this flower intensity – the head goes first, then the whole body. It appears very fast, but in its initiatory force, the body becomes enlightened on the other side. The stripping off of mortal identification happens very quickly, and ascension is going to happen, whether one is ready or not. It is going to happen, because it has nothing to do with your readiness; it is a mechanism that is already much greater, much more inclusive in the whole of cosmic nature, and much more inclusive in the entirity of the cosmic domain. There is nothing you can do about it. So learning to relax, learning to trust, learning to let go, even though this is a process we all must practice whilst alive – ultimately the speed at which identification, differentiation and desiring is dissolved – is beyond effort. It is effortless, there is nothing you, as a separate one, can do – it will already be done. So in this process of ascension, there is a depth of eternal surrender and support. It is already ordained, it is already occurring, it is already beyond any notion that at a human level, you can put a thought to – or a mind to it.

Nothing is appearing in the form of an Archangel to be witnessed as a form, it literally is a process. Archangel Azrael appears to be a ‘process’, but in that process of eternal wisdom and help, it is all already ordained. There is nothing you can do, to add to this moment. There is nothing you can do to prevent this moment. There is nothing you can do about any of it because you don’t even exist, it literally is God’s business. It is a reckoning. It is literally a passage through Conscious Awakening. Identification to the bodily form is irrelevant. The body and its identification is insignificant; it appears as nothing. But there is an intense Presence and intense Force of pure Light, that is, in and of itself, a felt Current of Gnosis, a felt current of purpose, a felt current of Eternal Domain.


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