Angel of Deliverance


Again from Anthony* – “Provides relief to someone going through earthly judgments. Working on life related matters”. In situations where the Divine law is required and Divine justice is needed as an outcome, this Angel energy can be invoked. To be delivered from the suffering of this place, this born condition, which is driven by the knot of fear, is where this Angel can be the tool of invocation. It is also given to help release from suffering and fear.
In the Vision: The persona of this extraordinary Angel was felt and seen- it gives one the sense of how totally ‘nothing’ we are as human souls, and how the ordinary matters and concerns are so minimal. This Angelic presence was a force that appeared to hold a staff – this rod of Alchymie was blessed with the ‘Rod Of Divine Justice’. It is Divine Law! A smithereening of angularity was seen. Extremely Powerful!



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