Each piece of jewellery is individually hand-crafted.  The pendants can be worn everyday, quietly emanating their individual Energies to support the life process in an uplifting way.

To further receive the Alchymeic Imbuement of the Pendant you may drink the Energy by gently tapping the Pendant to a glass of water – this will imbue the water.  Then have a drink.  The Pendant only needs to touch the outside of the glass for a moment – the imbuement is instant and the Pendant doesn’t need to touch the water itself.  You may find that closing your eyes helps you to relax and focus on receiving the energy of the pendant.

Another way of reconnecting with the Pendant Energy is take a moment and simply hold the Pendant and receive the energy via your breath.  You may also sit in meditation while holding your pendant.

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Children Pendants

There are four children’s Pendants made of sterling silver medallion which has been electroplated with a thick coat of yellow gold. These four special Alchymeic Energies were created specifically for the protection and energetic support of children

Chakra Pendants

The chakra energy Centres of the body are areas that have become blocked. They hold memory of traumas and patterns that have been developed over lifetimes. The Alchymie of each pendant is dealing with transformation, transmutation and transfiguring of these centres. Within the subtle or esoteric dimension – these energy centres can be restored to the flowering of energy current that awakens us beyond the suffering of this place and strengthens our capacity to stand prior, stand in place presently and be the truth of who we are.

These pendants are literally the gift of the Divine Light descending to break open the knot of separative-self – then the ascent beyond identification with the frontal-line personality, and the emergence of the Divine Incarnating Personality. This process allows the body to awaken as the Temple Of Man, the Anthropocosmic current – allowing the Divine to finally emerge and take hold as these forms. Therefore, each person receiving the Chakra Pendants is given to pass through a whole-bodily opening, as the Divine Current descended through each Chakra and area of the body, awakening and taking hold in the centres. Each Pendant Energy is a whole NEW evolution on the actual Chakra centres themselves…

Archangel Pendants

Every Archangel Pendant connects us to a specific Archangel presence, allowing these truly great and graceful Archangels to more fully incarnate on Earth.Wearing one of these wonderful Angel Pendants allows us greater access to all the qualities of each Archangel. Each one of these exquisite white and yellow gold Angel pendants has a unique stone on the heart centre.