The Discs are one of the key Energy of Hermes Far Eastern Shining.  The Discs are different from the other Products in that they are specifically for our personal Transformation, not the environment, or anything or anyone apparently outside of us.

They are not designed to be carried around like a Wand, the Transformation occurs with receiving the Energy of the Discs via the empowered water. Each Disc holds a specific intention to transform and dissolve habitual patterns, motivations or karma that keep us locked into negative structures thus allowing a new and enlivened response to each other and the world at large. The Discs can also be used to purify the daily psychic ‘baggage’ and accumulation of energy that we inadvertently take on through our everyday living and working.

The Discs are used by placing a glass of water on them. This empowers the water with the specified imbuement of the Disc. As water holds memory, when you drink the water, you are able to receive the Energy of that particular Disc.

The same Disc may feel quite different when it is engaged over time, so don’t always expect the same response. As we grow and change with the variation of energetics and circumstances (even daily) the response we receive from engaging the Discs can alter as different levels within our multi-dimensional being are touched and transformed.


Arranging 185

This ‘place’ in which we find ourselves, is mostly given over to the worship of fear, rather than the commitment to Love. There is no doubt that over the last few thousand years the continued investment in being less than Love has degraded this ‘place’ to what we find today.

Beyond what can be seen in this ordinary sense, when the Vision of God is not present this ‘place’ has appeared psychically as a vast and poisonous spider web.

The ‘spider’ symbol in our reference here is seen as one of the principle presences of the shadow world. ‘Spider’ being a metaphor for the poison of ‘fear’. Fear can often be a reflexive response, a contraction away from the light of consciousness.

This Arranging Energy holds a culmination of individual Energies created over a 15-year period with the intention to penetrate and transform a multitude of ‘spider’ energetics.

Through this Energy we are invited to give up our particular unconscious karmic motivations stemming from fear, by penetrating the veil of illusion that is fear. In Truth there are no binding necessities; we can transcend our destiny and what appears to be necessary. This Energy moves to reveal and dissolve the many forms of negative communication from ‘self’ and ‘other’, providing auric-field protection, while inviting us to the ‘bigger vision’.

Arranging 242

It’s possible through casual interaction to receive a ‘bolt’ of negative influence resulting from the anger from some person or persons, rendering us feeling quite ill or sending us into a coughing fit. We need to get wise as to who are the angry people in our world and perhaps spend less time in their company…

This Energy is referring to Black Magic both Formal and Informal. People’s moods are the Informal, and we have to wade our way through them everyday, sometimes this can be quite crippling. The Formal are these people who resort to structured curses driven by their anger. Both are damaging to our psychic emotional structure.

With this Energy we are inviting a purification of negative influences, negative attention and projected thought forms from others.

Big Black Hole Soak

Many things we come in contact with on a daily basis represent a great density. In our psychic naivety, we can soak up this blackness like a sponge and this can obviously be quite debilitating. We need to employ some way of purifying our form from this psychic accumulation. This Energy is such a way of purification.

Big Toe In the Water

The moments preceding incarnation are for most of us, an agony of helpless entrapment. We hover helplessly above the earth, seeing, feeling what is about to happen, as we drift or speed inexorably, to be sucked into the dark unique vortex of ‘opportunity’ we see before us. At some point we begin to fall into the impact zone, that is the ‘beginning’ of our ‘life drama’.

This is ‘shocking’ to us as we are squeezed, howling into our display bottle, the life sphere, the happening that is ‘us’. This ‘shock’ is the tiny, terrible thread by which our destiny hangs and is the ‘shock’ that we are locked into, virtually interminably; from here all ‘shocks’ develop. From an endless array of ‘shocking’ emergencies, to the ‘shocks’ of knocks and spills, the ‘shock’ of birth trauma and so on.
At last, perhaps, we allow ourselves to be unravelled to the core, to where the last tiny impulse of fascination explodes into the blissful timelessness of perfect release: ‘shock proof’ at last.

Catching Up with the Myth Makers

The treadmill existence: more, greater, newer, now.. Playing our parts, when to live, what to feel, why to think…

“Ignore those beings behind the curtain!”  End the game.  Wake up!  Look behind the veil and see who’s pulling the strings.  Be liberated from the myth.

Arranging 242

…taking us so deep into the ocean that there is no possibility of return and so we are carried beyond the breath into the realm of the ‘immortals’ from whence we are returned, restored to the fullness of the breath of life.

Divine Star

This Alchymeic energy Divine Star is from the unmodified God Light beyond the ‘cosmic display’. This Energy helps us to restore our connection to Divine realm.

Don’t Fence Me In Arranging 231

“… give me room, lots of room underneath the starry skies, don’t fence me in…” The Energy of ‘Don’t Fence Me In’ is focused in clearing...

‘other’ possession. This ‘other’ possession has many forms, some of these are ‘concept’ possession, lower astral possessions, entity possessions, parental and sibling possessions, ‘friend?’ possessions, place possessions, time possessions, black witchcraft possessions, ‘programming’ possessions, ‘dimensional’ possessions and so on. This Energy can be very freeing, leaving us at last with our own ‘self- possession’, which is our own moral responsibility, under the banner of ‘energy and feeling’*.

Elan Vital

The primary force of life – the vibratory life current.

Eyeless in Gaza

Aldous Huxley in his book, Eyeless in Gaza, essentially about love and betrayal says: “Hell is the incapacity to be other thatn the creature one finds one’s self ordinarily behaving as.” This suggests the mood of betrayal, since there is no creative capacity to be other than what one is enslaved to be.

Most of us are aware of the expression, “We are our own worst enemy.” This suggests that we are divided within ourselves and at war with our best intentions. We say we want to love, but remain negative and confused about what loving amounts to. A street child was heard to say, “Yes, they say they really love you, but I think, if they really loved you they would make a difference to all these children who are homeless.” Therefore there is a great gap between some spoken positivity and the actual demonstration that would amount to transforming the disturbed condition. This split in our being, that is the betrayal of the heart of truth, thwarts the progress of the unfolding of Truth in the world. Apart from this self-sabotage, we are sabotaged endlessly by those immediately in association with us who simply do not understand and this division in ourselves creates a sympathetic opening for those who are our self-declared enemies. This Energy reveals all of this betrayal of self and other and floods it with the spotlight of the Truth of us. All is revealed, all is known. None can escape the heart of truth, not even the ‘eyeless in Gaza’.

Hardware Alien Below the Plane of the Ecliptic

This Energy is Alchymeically intended to address the angular, hard, mechanical, unfeeling world and its machinery that can affect an environment and the people who reside and interact with such equipment. The lack of sensitivity...

leaves a footprint wherever it is utilised, that is felt as a negative effect within the gross-vital form or earth plane of existence. The inspiration here is to restore the possibility for the human response and thus life-positive environments.

Big Toe In the Water

There is an urgency to create Hearts of Space throughout the world at a critical time in human history. Our Heart’s desire is that they spread like wildfire. The Alchymeic energy known as Hearts Aflame has been created to allow the passion and fire of our desiring to manifest...

 This Hermetic current is to ignite and inspire change, to awaken the Heart to remembrance and to allow the feeling level of existence to be known and lived, thus lifting all to a new level of consciousness. May there yet be time to turn this crisis about…

Iron Heart

Iron Heart Heals the weak damaged Heart, the result most often after a lifetime of ‘abuse’. Iron Heart my Iron Heart restores the damaged tissues, the disrupted electrics and the chaotic blood turbulence...

Most of all Iron Heart opens the Heart as a feeling centre inviting the remote arrogant head to fall into this Heart- consciousness. The usual individual is so enclosed at the Heart that some pain may be felt as Iron Heart breaks into that enclosure, when this passes a greater Heart strength and expansion of the Heart-feeling is felt. I am the love that is felt in thee Iron Heart my Iron Heart. Come embrace Me there.

Lifestream Arranging 186

This Energy brings a purification to the over intrusiveness of subtle realm programming that can be controlling, intrusive and distressing...

The forms of programming can appear through a myriad of daily environmental interactions, such as television, films, billboards, food, computers, etc.

This Alchymeic Energy is about bringing clarity, consciousness and freedom from the confining and common forms of manipulations that are like a fixed program that can appear to be just the way that it is, until the light shines through.

The Manifesting Current

This realm that we coincide with is a realm of manifest desire. Being born here into mortal form is governed by manifest desire. In other words, we...

will be given exactly what it is we are meditating upon. This may not always be what we want in our cognisance, but it is where our fixation rests. The Manifesting Current is about Happiness. Happiness is the form of reality. Happiness is the freedom from the implication of all that is arising. Allowing our attention to rest at the seat of consciousness, living and breathing to Infinity from the Heart. Remain as Happiness in this world, until this world vanishes out of sight.

Occupational Hazards

Many occupations have many hazardous elements them. Solicitors, journalists and others have the hazard of too much alcohol, too much coffee and too much smoking...

Other occupations have industrial hazards of polluted air and polluted environment and one of the biggest occupational hazards is ‘stress’. This Disc addresses all the energetic hazards of employment.

Quantum Vaccuum

This energy is to assist the vehicle in awakening to becoming agency as a conduit for the Divine Light to ground here. The essence of the word vacuum is the absence of air...

The Quantum vacuum as an energetics, creates a pathway from the subtle dimensions through to this gross dimension. Thus, to engage this Energy is to allow the actualisation, to make palpable what the spirit current conceives. This is the beginnings of gnosis of the alchymie of manifestation.


Scare City

A spin-off of the oedipal conflict is the intense development of the ‘economics of scarcity’. The theme song of the hungry ghost is: “What about me, where’s mine?” ...

It is this very meditation of getting enough for the self that depletes the flow of life and makes deserts where once great revers flowed. The poverty, the dryness of the angular sub-human meditation on self brings an outcome of poison and scarcity, just like the psyche of the wailing hungry oedipal ghost. Abundance is the sign of the human, which is sacrifice beyond self into the infinite. Such a one sees that for the born being there are no rights, only gifts; the blessedness of the Divine.

Weapon Shop

The image of The Weapon Shop comes from the two novels by A. E. Van Vogt, and while this image is only useful to a point, it is about a way of selecting and serving those who show low or...

non-existent levels of aggressive vengeance, likewise, The Weapon Shop is designed to serve those who serve Infinity, drawing them to the strength and equanimity required in order to serve in the holy war in which Infinity is engaged. This energy lifts these Servants of Truth beyond all existential dilemma, into the Truly inspirational realm of the Mystery of Only God. In this holy war we are most often faced with those who do not rightly acknowledge us and who most often appear as ‘friends’ who then go on to betray us. This energy helps us to go on with this holy war beyond the Heart sickness that is most often delivered to us and would perhaps otherwise engulf us except for the Remembrance of the Divine to which the Weapon Shop restores us, holding us fast in the mystery.

Wildfire Spins The Gold

This is a metaphor for rapid growth and that rapid growth in economic terms is the profit we obtain from our activity. It is just a metaphor for success. The more of the more of. “Bring it on!”