These Collections are designed as ‘portals’ or doorways for Remembrance, helping to ignite a process of Transformation and Awakening.  Each Collection consists of selected wands and discs related to a particular theme.  It has also a small booklet containing descriptions of the energies and suggestions for their use.  They are an inspiration to ignite greater levels of feeling, understanding and growth.

Abundance Collection

This Collection is designed to inspire true consciousness in our relationship to abundance. As our capacity to invite the Infinite Current into our lives is strengthened, we may see this begin to reflect outwards in signs of ‘True Abundance’.

The Abundance Collection includes:

Scare City
Wildfire Spins The Gold
Catching Up with The Myth Makers

Money Tree
Quantum Manifestation
Quantum Utility Fog

Chakra Collection

The Energy Tools in the Chakra Collection are alchymeically intended to balance and enhance the vibratory current of each chakra.

The Chakra Collection includes:

Colour Me Clear

Lotus Pond
Spectrum Wizard
Seven Chakra wands


Children Collection

This Collection assists us in bringing real ‘heart’ and consciousness in our relationship to children. In shifting one’s consciousness, it brings them a greater intelligence, supporting them in learning, as well as helping to hold their attention. However, its use is not limited to children – we all have had a childhood and so would help us in the release of childhood limitations, as well as helping us in holding children consciously.

The Children Collection includes:

In Country Sleep
Katzenjammer Kaos
Whizz Kid

Deep Peace
RR Elixir

Communication Collection

Real communication comes from our heartfelt responses to other beings and is always centred upon what these other beings are really communicating and not just some political speak. This Collection invites the communication to come from the Heart and supports us in speaking the truth.

This Communication Collection includes:

Candidly Speaking
The Three Monkies
The Mantra of True Sayings
Voice Master

Politics of Experience Wizard
Spectrum Speak

Esoteric Environment Collection

The Energy Tools in this Collection inspire an awakening to understand the consequences of our past and present actions that have polluted and disturbed the Planet Earth, and allowing a purification and blessing to shower upon this place.

The Esoteric Environmental Collection includes:

Melting Ice
Verdant Function
Sun Works

Drought Daemon Wizard
Rainmaker Wizard

Food Blessing Collection

With this Collection we are invited to discover our appropriate relationship to food, and have gratitude for the food that nourishes us. Also, the Alchymeic intention of the wands in the collection blesses and lifts the vibration of food and drink.

The Food Blessing Collection includes:

Agent Orange
Gravity Buster
Lemonade Springs

Angel’s Kiss
Drink To Me Only
Shake It Shake It

Fractal Earth Collection

The Fractal Earth Collection is designed to help us pass through the challenges and obstacles in life. Help to give us strength to deal with the ‘shocks and knocks’ we encounter and help us to be centred and grounded to deal with whatever arises.

The Fractal Earth Collection includes:

Big Toe In the Water

Fractal Earth

Functioning Truly Collection

This collection consists of a selection of manifesting and facilitating energies specifically aligned to our work and business functions.

The Functioning Truly Collection includes:

The Manifesting Current
Quantum Vacuum
Hearts Aflame

Financial Management Wizard
Real Estate Wizard
Direct Marketing Wizard

Gardening Collection

This Collection helps us to discover the simple enjoyment of the garden and to bless your plants and natural environment with these transformative energies. Discover the alchemy of the garden and be transformed in your relationship to Life itself.

The Gardening Collection includes:

3 Discs:
Poisons In The Garden
Chemical Warfare

3 Wands:
Biodynamic Wizard
Jack & The Beanstalk
Geo Triplet

Iron Heart Collection

With this Collection we are invited to real Feeling, allowing our feeling Heart to be nourished by love. It is necessary for us to awaken the ‘feeling centre’ in order to allow ourselves to be love itself. Love is the food of the Heart.

The Iron Heart Collection includes:

Iron Heart

Primary Heart Energy

Mars Collection

The intention of this Collection is to support men in their awakening to true manliness and help them to come to feeling rather than being minded. As we all have ‘male’ and ‘female’ aspects in us, this Collection is not restricted to men only. It can also be a great assistance to the female in relating to the male.

The Mars Collection includes:

Blue Mango
Blue Beloved
High Kingdom
Lion Mantra Roar
Eiffel Tower
Batman in Paris


Meditation Collection

The Meditation Collection supports us in our practice of meditation, helping us to quieten our mind and feel a greater connection and communion with the Divine.

The Meditation Collection includes:

In The TIny Chamber of the Heart
The Last Drop Flowers
Mahamudra Spider Elixir

Maha Mantra
Ring Around Reflection

Psychic Clearing Collection

Energetically, we are constantly affected by our environment and people around us. This Collection is Alchymeically intended to help us clear the psychic intrusion we encounter every day.

The Psychic Clearing Collection includes:

Don’t Fence Me In Arranging 231
Lifestream Arranging 186
Big Black Hole Soak
Arranging 185
Arranging 242

Psychic Field Stress
Invasion Wizard – Arranging 260

Radiant Beauty Collection

This Collection helps us to discover what beauty truly is. “That which is beautiful, is that which is loved”. Beauty is a discovery found in the Heart.

The Radiant Beauty Collection includes:

Skin Deep
Thousand Ships
The Ugly Stick

Ultrasonic Beauty Wizard

Relationship Collection

The Energy tools in this Collection support us in our relationships with one another, allowing our relationships to stem from love, and inspiring one another an Awakening to Consciousness.

The Relationship Collection includes:

Don’t Sour The Honey
Mills And Boon
Yon Don’t Love Me


Sixth Sense Collection

Most of us are aware of our five basic senses: Seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting. What many people are not so well aware of is our sixth sense, a connection to something greater than our physical senses are able to perceive. The energies in this Collection support us in awakening our psychic capacity, our sixth sense.

The Sixth Sense Collection includes:

The Harry Lime Theme
The Yawning Gap
True Blue
Bluer Than True
Way Beyond The Blue


Touching Light Collection

This Collection is an invitation to intuit the Divine Current, to move with greater awareness and to awaken to live in feeling with everything around us.

The Touching Light Collection includes:

Divine Star

Touching Light

Transformation collection

The Energy tools within the Transformation Collection have been created to heighten our intuitive awakening and the penetration of Real Consciousness.

The Transformation Collection includes:

Eyeless in Gaza
Standing Upright At Last
Take Heed: Submission to Grace Is the Only Way

The Angel Melchizedek
Real Observation

Ultra Tech Collection

The energies in this collection support us in dealing with the technologies that we rely on in day-to-day life, particularly computers. Finding the balance, minimizing the damage, keeping up with the rapid technological advances, and maintaining the human quality of our lives is the inspiration for this Collection.

The Ultra-Tech Collection includes:

Dalek Invasion
Hardware Alien Below the Plane of the Ecliptic
Shadow of the World Wide Web

Glasstron Adaptation
Goodbye Electro-Magnetics
Ultra-Tech Wizard

Venus Collection

This Collection helps to release the suffering that women have endured throughout the ages. It allows the possibility for women to be resurrected to the true female form and supports the awakening to female Consciousness. As we all have ‘female’ and ‘male’ aspects in us, this Collection is not limited to women only. It can also be a great assistance to the male in relating to the female.

The Venus Collection includes:

Red Lucy
Pink Beloved
Snow Virgin
Sweet Surrender
Statue of Liberty
Coming of Eve


Vital Exercise Collection

The Energy Tools in this Collection support us in vital exercise and conducting the universal life-energy to all areas of the vital form. The breath is the basis of vital exercise

The Vital Exercise Collection includes:

The Elephant and The Bright Rider
Mighty Atom
Popeye’s Spinach

Calisthenics Wizard
Extending the Ki
3 Litres Clear

Yoga Collection

Yoga is a way of reconnecting with the Divine current via the breath and asanas (yoga postures). Traditional yoga is designed to restore and increase the life-force energy of the gross vital form, enlivening, regenerating and quickening our journey toward the goal of enlightenment. This Collection is intended to align us to the true spirit of yoga.

The Yoga Collection includes:

Three Finger Duomo Fire in the Central Channel

Hatha Yoga Wizard
Kriya Yoga Wizard
Blue Pearl Current

Western Astrology Collection

Astrology can be a useful tool to begin to understand the mechanisms and tendencies that move us as individuals. Within the pattern of the stars is held the blueprint of our psyche, or what we perfectly identified with at the time of our birth. The Alchymeic Intention held in this Collection is to dissolve all levels of fixity or limitation revealed in the patterns of astrological influence upon us. Thus, as we are released of these particular qualities, so too are we lifted beyond the karma of our ‘born destiny’.

The Western Astrology Collection includes:

12 discs for all the zodiac signs

10 Planetary Wands:Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
Astrology Wizard
Solar System

Chinese Astrology Collection

This Collection consists of Alchymeic Energies related to Chinese system of Astrology. The Chinese Astrology reveals not only the enhancing factors within our Astrological chart but also the limiting tendencies and cyclical patterns of Astrological influence that impact negatively upon our daily life. This collection can be used in a variety of ways, with the intention to purify and transform aspects of your sign, relationships, work and family. You are aligning to all the possible levels of transformation held within this collection of Energies.

The Chinese Astrology Collection Includes:

12 discs for all the animal signs of the Chinese Horoscope

Chinese Astrology Wizard
Astrology Wizard
5 Element Wands:  Metal, Water, Wood, Fire & Earth