About Alchymie

Alchymie is about the transmutation of our density and the unenlightened disposition, into the Gold of Enlightenment.  It is a process of Heart Awakening – awakening to Consciousness, Love and prior happiness.  Alchymie transforms you and your environment.

Alchymie is about transformation, bringing Light and space into our lives, uplifting and supporting us in everything we do, reminding us that love, happiness and freedom are the very essence of what we are in truth.
Each of us comes with degrees of density, bondage, limitations and karma. We identify with our ‘suffering’ and trauma from past life and present life. We carry with us limiting emotions such as fear, sorrow, guilt, anger, grief and despair. We repeat our karmic patterns. We forget our true nature – happiness and love beyond reasons, full and radiant.


When you receive Alchymie with an open heart, it can:

•    support in clearing accumulated psychic toxicity from the world and environments.

•    release karma and tendencies that cause difficulties in relationships, thereby allowing truly loving relationships and communication.

•    transform the karmic patterns and tendencies that lock us into limitations and repetitive cycles of suffering.

•    enhance your intuition and 6th sense.

•    transform your relationship to money and abundance.

•    help balance and enhance the vibratory current of the chakra system

•    support personal transformation through energies designed specifically for modalities such as Astrology, Natural Essences, Reiki, Tarot, Yoga, Kinesiology etc.

Alchymie, however, is not limited to the above possibilities.  Apart from personal transformation, Alchymie can also transform your environment to a space relieved of the pressures of this world – a lighter space where love is felt.

To learn more about the application of Alchymie  in our daily living,  click on esotericschoolofhigherlearning.org